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"Founded on 30 years of experience, we open ourselves to scrutiny and rigorous examination because we are given an amazing opportunity to teach, to impart, to use the knowledge and expertise we have accumulated, so those who are looking to us for answers become better informed – and more importantly – are fully persuaded that our conclusions have brought them closer to a resolution. With every given opportunity, that is the kind of difference we want to make."
- Chris Davis



From an attorney for a defendant CPA firm who retained us as their accounting expert in an accounting malpractice case:

"Subject matter expertise and the ability to communicate the many rules, procedures, and concepts in an understandable way to a lay audience are all table stakes for forensic accounting/auditing experts.  Where Chris distinguishes herself is with her tactical acumen.  She understands litigation—trials—and is always shaping her work product to that end: how to cut through the excess and the bluster, to be heard and to be remembered.  Chris devotes herself fully to her cases.  She is also a student of her attorney clients, bringing out the best in them, even outside of her "footprint" in the case."

From a client/claimant who retained us as their forensic accounting expert in a breach of trust case that settled in mediation, which we attended:

....[W]e are all thrilled!!  There is no question, your work product was the “nail-in-the-coffin”!  [We] want to thank you for all your efforts and work detail that resulted in this wonderful outcome.  At the end of the day, we don’t think there was one finding that the opposing party was able to throw out-your research and findings were spot on!!

Christine, hopefully our paths will cross down the road, under a more enjoyable setting.  Thank you again, you were a real Superstar!

From an attorney for the defendant who retained us as the damages expert:

"Christine Davis is my first choice whenever I need a forensic CPA to testify about damages, auditing or accounting practices, or business valuation. Chris helped me win a large damages award in a jury trial . She works quickly and efficiently, and she stands up brilliantly in both depositions and at trial. I recommend Chris without reservation or qualification for even the most complicated forensic accounting and damages cases."

From an attorney for the plaintiff who retained us as for the punitive damages phase:

"We hired Chris on very short notice as our forensic accounting expert for the punitive damages phase of a hotly contested trial. She was great to work with, quickly mastered the facts, and held up very well to aggressive cross-examination. Chris is also quick on her feet: when the judge ruled that she could not rely on certain evidence, without leaving the stand she came up with another, unimpeachable way to make the same point without reference to the excluded evidence."

From an attorney for the plaintiff who retained us as the damages expert:

"We brought on FEG to assist as a damages expert and the benefits to our clients paid dividends. Aside from having an expert in our corner that could timely execute tasks, it was the professionalism and similar intangibles that really set them apart. Chris and her staff were unbelievably prompt in responding to questions and solving issues as they arose. However, what I appreciated most is how they treated our clients with dignity, respect, and empathy. Having Chris and her staff on our litigation team was a large factor in favorably resolving our case. We look forward to working with them again."

From an attorney for the defendants who retained us as the damages expert in a lost profits case:

The case settled for the mediator’s number. Thank you for all your hard work. Your mediation report was a large supporting factor.”

From counsel’s client (plaintiff) in a breach of contract matter with conversion and fraud claims:

"As the accounting and damages expert retained on my behalf, Chris was a dream come true. She showed incredible knowledge of the company valuation and stock appreciation considerations in my case while communicating her insight clearly, patiently, and timely. A highlight - despite the last-minute production of several key documents by the defendants during the punitive damages phase of the trial, Chris swiftly spotted several hard-to-find financial transfers that proved useful to the jury. I won the jury trial with a large award thanks to her. She is a true professional who is also incredibly kind and supportive. Thanks Chris!"

From an attorney for the plaintiff who retained us as the accounting expert in GAAP and GAAS for an accountant malpractice case:

“Terrific experience and we enjoyed working with you.
Looking forward to the next one.”

From a decision maker at a public agency who retained us to assist in evaluating its internal controls over accounting and financial reporting and present our findings to the Board of Supervisors:

“I have enjoyed a long and successful relationship with Christine Davis  and intend to continue  to seek out her brilliant forensic accounting expertise.  Christine has consistently provided reliable insight and guidance, which have resulted in elected governing bodies, City Managers, County Executive Officers, City Attorneys and County Counsels viewing her as a trusted expert and a business partner in resolving complex litigated matters or implementing proactive course corrections to mitigate loss of federal and state funding.  Christine’s  technical expertise, combined with her extraordinary client service, her thoughtful guidance and meticulous relationship management skills,
is exemplary and hard to beat.”

From a nonprofit client who retained us to investigate a suspected fraud and prepare the Proof of Loss required by the insurance carrier:

"Chris has the unique ability to communicate clearly the scope and purpose of her work without losing sight of the people and the details. She was professional, responsive, and always willing to take the time to answer questions. She was also responsible for meeting a difficult deadline which highlighted her integrity and expertise in the field of forensic accounting."

From an attorney for the plaintiff who retained us as the damages expert:

"Chris provided timely, professional, and insightful advice as the damages expert in our privacy case. In addition, she provided invaluable guidance in crafting discovery requests to elicit punitive damages evidence. Chris has an excellent tone, demeanor, and pacing at deposition and comes across as credible and reliable. We recommend Chris and will be using her again in the future."

From an attorney for the plaintiff who retained us as the forensic accounting expert in a breach of
fiduciary trust case

“The clients are very happy with [your expert] Report ("appreciative" and "excellent" were the words used).”

From an attorney for the plaintiff  who retained us as the accounting and damages expert:

"I first worked with Christine Davis  in a breach of contract case.  Because of her professionalism, patience, attention to detail, and thorough analyses, I've followed her since and have looked to her first in every other case in which I've needed a forensic accounting expert.  All of our civil litigation matters together have been tough cases, and Christine's contributions have helped result in big wins.  My clients consider her invaluable, and judges have praised her clarity and diligence."

From a successful business owner who retained us 
to investigate a suspected misappropriation by a
key employee

"Christine Davis helped me during a very confused time in my company. She came highly recommended by someone that worked in the Forensic Accounting industry, and now I know why she was highly recommended. During the investigation, she was not only extremely professional but she also was very kind and compassionate during the confusing process. She was extremely meticulous, thorough, and professional. Moving forward if I have any other accounting dilemmas I will definitely use
Christine Davis’s services again.”

From an attorney who attended a CLE program we developed and presented:

"Christine, thank you for your excellent CEB webinar on Accounting Statements for Lawyers. I got a JD and MBA at UC Berkeley, which means I had to slog through a number of accounting courses. Your one-hour webinar did a better job of teaching useful information for non-accountants than all those courses combined."

From an attorney for the plaintiff who retained us as the accounting and damages expert in a real estate investment dispute:

"[Your expert report] is well done in all respects. After extensive review with our team we approve as is. It's credible, learned, thorough and readily reconciled and understandable."

From leadership expert Carol Isozaki,
Founder and President of Strategic Brand Intelligence:

"'It’s my pleasure, truly,' is often something Chris will say,
and she means it.

Chris is one of the most authentic, quality individuals you’ll ever meet. As a leader, she’s compassionate, generous with her time, yet also very empowered and impactful. She artfully builds relationships and achieves results even under the most adverse of conditions through her approach, rooted in a tremendous appreciation for relationships, ongoing dialogue, and her fierce ownership for achieving remarkable outcomes without leaving an unwelcomed wake behind. You’ll be quick to trust her, and she’ll provide ongoing peace of mind that that trust was well-placed as she engages and leads you in a shared journey….
she leaves a wonderful, indelible imprint.”

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