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  • Writer's pictureA. Christine Davis, CPA/CFF, CVA, CGMA

Neutral Role as a Forensic Accounting Expert in a Litigation Matter

Updated: Sep 14, 2022

In order to avoid the further expense of trial and with the Court's approval, the parties in a four-year litigation matter involving mortgage lending and servicing issues and which was filed in a California district court retained Christine (Chris) Davis of Financial Evidence Group to perform a forensic accounting analysis and address a number of disputed financial issues. Prior to Chris commencing her work, the parties through a joint stipulation agreed to accept the results of Chris's forensic accounting analysis.

The Court's instructions set forth that neither the parties’ agreement nor the Court’s orders impose limitations on the evidence Chris may consider in performing her forensic accounting analysis, and that she will determine the documents to rely on and what evidence she finds “compelling.”

After a careful, objective, and thorough review of the evidence provided to her by both parties, Chris successfully completed her assignment and submitted her main report along with two supplemental reports detailing her methodology, quantitative and qualitative analyses, and conclusions for the parties and the Court's consideration.

We are grateful for the opportunity to assist the the parties and the Court by providing Chris's forensic accounting expertise along with her well-written reports in which she explained the bases for her findings and conclusions with objectivity, clarity, impact and care.



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