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Chris Davis Presents at PLI's Pocket MBA 2022 in San Francisco

Updated: Jul 23, 2023

Financial Evidence Group's Chris Davis had the privilege of presenting at Practising Law Institute (PLI)'s 2-day hallmark program "Pocket MBA: Finance for Lawyers and Other Professionals" held in San Francisco on September 22-23, 2022. Chris presented the segment entitled "Financial Statements in Practice: A Case Study." In past years, she presented other segments in economic damages and accounting fundamentals.

In this year's segment, Chis used her financial and forensic accounting expertise and teaching experience to develop and direct the achievement of the following learning objectives using a real set of financial statements of a publicly held company:

1. Become reacquainted with the nature of financial statements

2. Revisit the significance of a company’s financial statements in measuring performance

and financial stability, and

3. Learn to interpret data contained in financial statements to answer important

questions and uncover useful insights about a business.

Financial Evidence Group is grateful for the opportunity to share Chris's expertise with the attendees of Pocket MBA 2022 and PLI's community and its supporters.

Information about PLI's Pocket MBA is here



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